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You And I We’re Not So Different…

You and I are not so different. It’s a trope you’ve probably heard a million times coming from the mouths of supervillains who have their prey right where they want them. Whether it’s in movies, comics or TV shows it’s always the same. Great supervillains know themselves, and even moreso

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Brand Differentiation: The What,The Why and The How

I admit it. I am so guilty of this big mistake. This past weekend I was walking around the East Village of New York City stopping by some of my favorite independent bookstores. You know the ones, poorly lit, creaky old wooden floors and that wonderful aroma of musk and

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2023 Gift Guide For Supervillains

Supervillains can be tough to check off of your holiday shopping list. One simply cannot walk into a store and ask for the head of their enemy in a presentation dome. That said, here is a list of the best gifts any true Supervillain will appreciate for the 2023 gift-giving

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Brand Differentiation

Any Idiot With A Distillery Can Do This…

What happens when everyone tries to differentiate themselves using the same tactic? Are they truly differentiated any longer? Or has that differentiator merely become table stakes to stay in the game? Enter The Trend Of Celebrity Booze George Clooney, Conor McGregor and Ryan Reynolds are the Cinderella stories we aspire

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Branding and A.I.

Is A.I. Coming For Your Brand?

Branding and A.I. The game GO is the oldest board game known to man. Similar to Chess, there are players across the globe who have dedicated their lives to mastering the strategy involved with playing.  In 2015 Google created an A.I. bot and taught it to play GO and eventually

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Marketing Viagra

Barf Bags & Viagra: A Marketing Secret In Common

Foregone Conclusions. I have a penchant for cinema. Add a genuine villain into the mix and you’ve got my money for a ticket. Anyone who knows me or has visited my Supervillainous Lair would draw a foregone conclusion that my favorite genre of film is horror. We all know that

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Funko Destroys Mondo

The Rise And Fall Of Mondo – The Funko Death Pop

I am sitting amidst just some of my collection of limited edition art prints based on iconic movies which were illustrated by various artists and distributed by a company called Mondo. Mondo which was a subsidiary of the Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre franchise came into their own when a film

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