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How to become a

Marketing Supervillian

Learn the power and the process of differentiating and decommoditizing your brand. Learn the top 12 ways big brands have successfully differentiated themselves and begin your very own Marketing Supervillain origin story.


Jesse Wroblewski

Jesse James Wroblewski he has been at the helm of a NY marketing agency for close to three decades. His often offbeat work has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Book “505 Weirdest Websites Ever” and Fangoria as well as a plethora of other media outlets. After the realization that the entire marketing industry had gone insane, he retooled, reimagined and reemerged as something different, something more powerful than the marketing world has ever seen.

And now he’s ready to share it with your organization!

Long Island Author



Long Island CEO and Author Jesse James Wroblewski is proud to announce the release of his new book entitled Marketing For Supervillains: Diabolical Tips On Differentiation, Decommoditization™ and World Domination. For a limited time you can have the author speak within your NY-based organization. During his talk entitled: How To Become A Marketing Supervillain he will cover valuable insights including:

  • Creating a corporate culture that welcomes change and how to champion such ideas to move the organization forward
  • The history and power of brand differentiation
  • The importance of becoming Decommoditized™
  • Approaching “The big guys” in your industry with the supervillainous mindset
  • The top 12 ways brands both large and small have successfully differentiated themselves throughout history

Podcast appearances

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