Origin Story

Heroes see danger and try to attack it. Villains laugh at the madness of the world and try to reshape it.

Brand Differentiation Expert

If the above statement holds true, then Jesse James Wroblewski is by all means a SuperVillain. With over 20+ years marketing experience as CEO and Founder of Generations Beyond he combines analytic and scientific marketing expertise with his natural abilities as a lifelong differentiator to help rescue brands from commoditization as opposed to following the often fruitless “more better” strategies provided by most agencies.

Tune in below to reflect with Jesse on how influences in his life from personal experiences with “Weird Al” Yankovic, Nintendo, and The Insane Clown Posse and more helped shape the unique way in which he thinks, creates, and aids his clients on approaching the madness of the world.

brand differentiation expert

Ep #1: What Weird Al Taught Me About Differentiation

Ep #2: Why I'm A "Paul Heyman Guy"

Ep #3: Leaning Into Discomfort

Ep #4: The Creepy Way ABC Decommoditized The American Family

Ep #5: Diabolical Differentiation... Did This Go Too Far?

Ep #6: I Lived With The Most Hated Band In The World

Ep #7: Differentiated But Still A Disaster - The CD-i

Ep #8: Irritating Your Audience For Fun & Profit - Type O Negative

Ep #9: The Secret Marketing Tactic Hidden Inside This Box

Origin Story Ep #10: I Was In A Cult... Following - Troma & Lloyd Kaufman

Origin Story Ep #11: Hit Me With Your Best Shot... I Can Take It

Origin Story Ep #12: SEASON FINALE | 3:59 And It's Meaning


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NY Yankees
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Embrace Home Loans

Wilen Group
Amica Life Insurance
Green Giant
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Accountants World

Jesse’s Creative Work Has Been Seen On:

Rolling Stone
Indie Wire
Badass Digest
Huffington Post
Stuff magazine

Rue Morgue
The Ron & Fez Show
Johnny Dare Morning Show

Bizarre Magazine
505 Weirdest Online Stores Book
Boing Boing

Marketing for super villains

Our first book on meaningful brand differentiation is already an up-and-coming cult classic in the marketing industry!

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