CASE STUDY: Decommoditizing Direct Mail

Direct mail. An industry synonymous with a race to the bottom where the lowest price historically conquers all. It’s not uncommon for loyal clients to jump ship from agency to agency for an infinitesimal savings of fractions of a penny per printed piece.

So how do you decommoditize direct mail?

The Challenge…

We’ll you start with innovating new products, formats and attention-getting mailers that truly differentiate your products from the pack. But once you’ve done that, there is still a problem of the incredibly noisy marketplace.

You may have the goods, but how do you cut through the white noise and static? Send emails about increased response rates? Not going to breakthrough. Blast social media with case studies? Yawn! Ask someone to sit through a direct mail demo? Nope.

Our Solution…

A national, leading print manufacturer wanted to tell the world about its groundbreaking formats. Sometimes being the best and most innovative in your industry just isn’t enough and you need something else to break through the static and white noise.

That’s when we created The Conversion Factory. Think Willy Wonka Meets Direct Mail. We brought direct mail customers deep inside the secret world of x-acto blades, scotch tape, glue sticks and paper to see what goes on behind the scenes where the amazing creations are dreamt up, mocked up and unleashed onto the world.

Decommoditized’s creation of The Conversion factory was successful in maintaining the historically high level of professionalism already associated with the main brand while also shifting the traditional, boring, price-driven conversations around direct mail to one of engagement and excitement.

In addition to the initial success, Conversion factory assets are now evergreen, multi-use collateral that live on and continue to grow via social media posts, a microsite, blogs as well as provide the sales team an invaluable asset in breaking through the static of spammy feeling emails and changing the conversation to something more compelling and approachable such as: How a cute marsupial can help increase ROI?

In closing I leave you with a quote from a notable chocolate factory proprietor:
“A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men.”

Jesse James Wroblewski

Differentiation Consultant

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